Monday, November 4, 2013

Teen Reviewer

Teen Reviewer Annie read All The Truth That's In Me by Julie Berry. She was originally intrigued by the book's pretty cover, but ended up loving the story.
"All The Truth That's In Me is about a girl named Judith who was kidnapped at the age of 14. She returns home at the age of 16 having lost the ability to speak. Over the course of the book, we come to know why she can't speak, where she's been, and who murdered her friend Lottie. The novel is told like Judith is speaking to the boy she loves, Lucas, whose father plays a very important role in the mystery.
This book was absolutely fantastic. At first the writing style made me hesitate; I thought it would become irritating after a while. It didn't at all. Actually, it was fascinating. I've never read a book that was written to one of the main characters. The protagonist was an amazing character and I was jumping up and down when she finally found her voice. The story was perfectly paced and never made me feel bored.
All The Truth That's In Me is a beautiful story about a fiercely determined 18-year-old girl who discovers her voice again and then some."
Annie recommends this book for teens 13 and up.


  1. Thank you, Annie, for an outstanding review!

    1. Hi Julie. Annie belongs to our Teen Book Review group. They meet when they're able and review books both old, new, and upcoming (ARC) which we, in turn, post here on the site (with their permission, of course). It's an awesome thing having teens review books because, after all, they're our audience. And if they really like a book, chances are it will be a wise purchase.