Monday, November 25, 2013

You Learned THAT from a MOVIE?

It's no secret that studying for the vocabulary portion of the ACT (or SAT) can be quite tedious, but don't let this seemingly heinous chore leave you in a state of utter despondency. Did you know you can acquire a cornucopia of high-level vocabulary words just by watching your favorite movies? Inconceivable, right? Wrong! Cruise on over to the New Nonfiction Shelf and peruse Name That Movie! A Painless Vocabulary Builder. This helpful guide will show you how you can learn over 1,000 vocabulary words and increase your test score infinitely (yes, just by watching movies). So grab the popcorn, park yourself in front of the tube, and start that movie marathon. If your parents inquire why you're watching TV in lieu of studying for the SAT (or ACT), say you are studying. And if they need to verify that claim, just hand them this book.

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