Monday, April 14, 2014

National Poetry Month

Blackout Poetry & Book Spine Poetry
We're halfway through National Poetry Month, and there's still plenty of time (and plenty of ways) to celebrate!

Feel like doing some poetry-related activities? See our back window display (right by the printer) and check out samples of Blackout Poetry and Book Spine Poetry. Then see a member of the library staff to see how you can create some of it yourself!

Poetry Books & Novels in Verse
Not really in the mood to create any poetry? ('cause, after all, creating poetry is challenging... and it can be a lot like homework, if you don't already love doing it) Check out our display of poetry books on top of the curved fiction shelf. Here you'll find both traditional poetry and novels in verse.

Either way, we've got poetry (or poetry activities) to appeal to almost everyone.

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