Friday, April 18, 2014

They're Magically Realistic!

Not sure if you want to read something realistic (like a John Green book) or pure fantasy (like Harry Potter)? Now you can have the best of both worlds!

Is this the real life?
Or is this just fantasy?
Head on over to the Teen Area magazine room and check out our Magical Realism display! "What is Magical Realism?", you ask. It's not as much of an oxymoron as you might think. Magical Realism is an emerging popular genre that combines elements of fantasy into an otherwise realistic story. Here, you likely won't find any fantastical worlds where unicorns and sparkle ponies frolic with purple dragons under twin moons. But an average high schooler might come to believe a new classmate is a vampire. A boy might go on an seemingly boring vacation with his parents only to encounter a strange pair of sisters who need his help to break a family curse. A otherwise average teen might suddenly wake up as someone completely other than he was the day before--and have to start living life as someone else. Magical Realism isn't pure fantasy...but it isn't straight-up realistic either. It's both. And both is awesome!

Check out these Magically Realistic titles:

Ask the Passengers, by A.S. King: Astrid doesn't really feel like she belongs in her ultra-conservative small town. Luckily she's got the passengers in passing airplanes to talk to...and maybe they can hear her!

Dream Thieves, by Maggie Stiefvater: Ronan is just your average prep-school boy...except that he's got a very unusual ability: He can bring objects from his dreams into the waking world. But sometimes his nightmares follow him home.

Moth Diaries, by Rachel Klein: There's a new girl at school. A very unusual new girl. But is Ernessa just really eccentric...or is she a vampire? Read the book and decide for yourself!

September Girls, by Bennett Madison: The last place Sam wants to spend his summer is at the beach with his family. Then he meets DeeDee and Kristal. But these blonde sisters aren't who (or what) they appear to be.

Wrap Up List, Steven Arnston: Gabriella has a week to complete her bucket list. Could kidnapping Death himself work in her favor--or against her?

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