Friday, November 14, 2014

Love Books & Candy? Write a BOOK REVIEW!

Did you totally LOVE that book you just read? Want to tell the world about it and why it was so awesome? 

Now's your chance! 

Stop by the Teen Area and pick up a book review card. You'll find them scattered all over the place. Fill in the blanks and then write a couple sentences about what made the book great. Remember, this is NOT a book report or in-depth analysis like you'd have to write for school ('cause that wouldn't be fair). Instead, think of it like you're telling a friend about the book. 

Turn your review in at the Teen Desk and receive a piece of candy. The best reviews will be published on this blog. And no, spelling and grammar don't count...but it would be nice if we can read what you've written.

p.s. This same concept works if you hated the book and want to warn people away from it.

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