Sunday, November 16, 2014

Where's Mom Now That I Need Her? Surviving Away from Home, by Kent P. Frandsen & Betty Rae Frandsen

So you've arrived at college and you're finally--FINALLY--out on your own and away from having to live under your parents' roof. (Yes!) You're feeling pretty good about yourself, pretty grown-up. Like you can conquer the world and nothing can stop you. You are THE MAN! (or woman)

Then, the inevitable: You need to do laundry... Or go grocery shopping for something besides ramen noodles... Or you get sick... Or have to sew a button on your favorite flannel... Or do any number of little things you previously took for granted because you never had to do them before. Suddenly, you're assaulted by one singular thought: "I Want My Mommy!" (Don't go denying it. Anyone who ever moved away from home has felt this at least once--I don't care how old or independent or tough you are)

What to do?

Enter Where's Mom Now That I Need Her? Surviving Away from Home, by Kent and Betty Rae Frandsen

Where's Mom? is a handy little book that contains everything you'll need to know about living on your own for the first time: Nutrition info and how to cook basic meals, doing laundry--the right way, basic first aid & when to see a doctor, safety tips, and more. Chances are you'll find the answer to your dilemma in here. This book is awesome and one of the best "on your own" books I've ever found.

And if not? Well, remember that Mom is always only a phone call (or Skype visit) away.

Where's Mom Now That I Need Her? can currently be found on our college display along with a ton of other helpful books about how to survive and thrive after graduation. --AJB

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