Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The "Used" Book Cart is Here!

Don't know what to do with that book?
Ok, so you've come into the Teen Area and SWEET! that book you've heard everyone talking about is actually on the shelf for once!

So what do you do?

Grab it up, of course!

You have a seat and start reading and...

Wait a minute...

This book is awful! Or, at least, it's not anything what you expected. You're not knocking your clique's taste in books. This one just isn't for you. And you have no desire to check it out or even read further.

So what are you supposed to do with this book? Like we said, you don't want to check it out... And, in your excitement over finding it, you forgot exactly where on the shelf you got it from--and you don't want to put it away wrong and get in trouble, or something (Can you get in trouble for that?).

Well guess what! We have an answer to this dilemma! 

Grumpy Cat hates books that don't
live up to all the hype.
The Teen Area is excited to announce its very own "Used" Book Cart. This is a place for you to put all those books you changed your mind about after pulling them off the shelf and having a look. 

Just look for the bright red cart by the entrance to the magazine room. The one featuring the photo of Grumpy Cat. 

So... Don't like that book enough to check it out? Leave it on the Red Cart! We'll put it away for you (how awesome is that!) 

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