Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cat Shaming

Even the title of Cat Shaming, the hilarious follow-up to the popular Dog Shaming, is an oxymoron. Experts and those who live with cats will all tell you that you cannot shame a cat. These adorable little purr machines do as they please-without even the tiniest shread of shame. 

No, you cannot shame a cat.

However, the industrious contributors to this book sure do try their best at this task! Here, you'll find nearly 200 and kittens cats posed (rather proudly, it seems) next to notes detailing their diabolical deeds, which range from petty theft and destruction of property to murder (of small animals, that is). There are creative Kitties who prefer to...shall we say, think "Outside The Box." There are meanies who are just bullies (other cats, the dog, the vet...). There are biters, scratchers, and just general troublemakers.

Good thing they're so cute.

Cat Shaming is a hilarious, laugh-out-loud (literally) read, whether you live with cats or not. It's currently found in our New Book section. Pick it up and browse at random or read it cover-to-cover. However you decide to experience Cat Shaming, one thing's for sure: You'll ROTFL ^..^


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