Monday, April 18, 2016

Lumberjanes #3: A Terrible Plan

Telling campfire stories, going on a quiet picnic, spending the day earning the most boring scouting badges possible... Sounds pretty ordinary, right? Not if you're a Lumberjane!

In the third awesome installment of Lumberjanes: A Terrible Plan, Mal and Molly's date goes terribly awry when they follow Bear Woman through the Out Of Order outhouse (which is really a portal to another dimension). Here, they get chased by a pack of hungry raptors and must help Bear Woman complete a quest of utmost importance (for which they will earn their "Oldie But Goodie" badges for assisting the elderly). Meanwhile Jo, April, and Ripley spend their free day fumbling through seemingly-boring stuff like cake decorating, ballroom dancing, and scrapbooking in the hopes they will be that much closer to earning their bronze axes. You'd think such mundane tasks would be no problem for the girls of Cabin Roanoke. After all, they have outsmarted angry gods, bested zombie scouts, and successfully navigated deadly booby traps. As it turns out, ordinary stuff is easier said than done. Adventure and shenanigans abound for everyone, making for an extremely entertaining read.

The Lumberjanes series just keeps getting better and better. There are different artists this time around, so the book has a slightly different look to it. But the storyline and characters are still true to what made me love this series in the first place. I am anxiously awaiting Lumberjanes #4, which comes out in August. 

Lumberjanes: A Terrible Plan comes very, very recommended! But do yourself a huge solid and read the first two volumes first (you'll enjoy #3 a lot more with the background #1 & #2 provide)! --AJB

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