Thursday, April 14, 2016

Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos, by Simon Tofield

Literally stumbled upon Simon's Cat: Kitten Chaos whilst straightening the Teen Area last night (some careless kid had left it on the floor) and, today, decided it must be a message from the Universe that I should review it on the blog. 

Ok, truthfully I was maybe feeling a smidge lazy last night and just didn't feel like walking the book allllll the way back to the To Be Re-Shelved area (to be fair, it had been a long day). This morning it was still on the Teen Desk, so I figured, "What the heck. I'll review it"

Most of you probably know Simon's Cat from artist Simon Tofield's clever YouTube videos detailing the misadventures of an always-hungry feline and his hapless owner. But did you know there were comic books to accompany the videos? There are. Several, in fact. And OPL owns a few. Notably, Kitten Chaos, in which our feline friend gets a new roommate: a frisky and feisty kitten. Wordless black and white illustrations tell the tale (tail?) of how our hero adjusts to going from an "only cat" to having a little sibling to pick on (and get picked on by). At first, he's annoyed. The  Kitten steals his toys, frames him for scratching what shouldn't be scratched, eats his food... Then comes the fateful day where Cat witnesses Kitten getting bullied by a larger neighborhood cat. And from that point on, things change. After the Neighbor Cat Incident, Cat and Kitten team up for some feline shenanigans. And, of course, Cat teaches Kitten how to beg for food.

Kitten Chaos wasn't as funny as the original Simon's Cat comic book, which I read in one sitting and laughed out loud (yes, literally) at until I cried. Mainly because a lot of the jokes had been done before. But it is still cute and humorous read. A great choice to pick up to pass the time. --AJB

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