Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Week of Mondays, by Jessica Brody

Ellison Sparks is having a serious case of The Mondays. 


And this is more than just your average Terrible-Horrible-No-Good-Very-Bad-Day sort of Monday. Everything (and I do mean everything) than CAN go wrong DOES go wrong, from Worst Picture Day Ever to encounters with spiteful mean-girl cheerleaders to ultimate public humiliation. And then the icing on the cake: Her boyfriend, Tristan, dumps her on what should have been the most romantic evening of her 16-year-old life. 

As she cries herself to sleep, Ellison makes a wish to do it all over again. If only she could have a second chance, she can somehow get things right and Tristan won't break up with her. But she never in a million years thought she'd actually get her wish. I mean, this isn't Harry Potter. And those Time Turner thingies don't really exist.

But when she wakes up, she's back to Monday morning. And she's forced to relive the Worst Monday Ever over and over and over again. 

As in Groundhog Day style. 

And eventually she DOES make changes. She DOES do things different. And some things DO change for the better. Lots of things, actually.

But one thing remains the same, no matter what: Ellison always gets dumped at the end of the day.

Can Ellison figure out how fix things so she can make it to Tuesday? Or will she be trapped in Monday forever?

A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody is a quick, fun read...despite it's being predictable. Ellison is a character that really grows on you because she grows over the course of the story: At first she's a shallow, insecure brat. But by the end she's a far more mature, self-confident young woman. It's the sort of character growth you hope will happen. It's refreshing.

Plus, she gets the guy. Just not in the way you'd maybe expect. Actually, I was hoping she'd end up with... Wait! I can't spoil the ending.

You'll just have to read it for yourself. --AJB

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