Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sticks & Stones, by Abby Cooper

25689007Holy High Heels. That sums up the life of sixth grader Elyse. Elyse seems average upon first glance, has a great best friend, even has her first boyfriend and she does well in school. But if it's a really warm day out and Elyse happens to wear short sleeves you may happen to notice something a little different about her... words. Elyse happens to have a rare disorder called CAV, when a mean word is said to her it appears on her arms or legs and itches like crazy. Nice words appear too, as a nice cool relief. Within in the first couple days Elyse learns something new about her disease. Words have only ever appeared when said to her, now they are appearing when she thinks them about herself.

Sticks & Stones is a great book that shows readers how important it is to be kind to others and to yourself. We have all been in Elyse's shoes more than once and I love how she shows her personality and puts herself out there despite her CAV. Now as far as I know CAV is not real, however it is a great way to show how words can truly hurt (or itch) us. Sticks & Stones will soon be on the new Tween shelf and should be read by all teens younger and older (even adults too) as the message is truly powerful and one we all need a reminder of. And remember as the school year starts to not only be kind and positive to those around you but also to yourself!


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