Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Gemini by Sonya Mukherjee

Growing up with a twin I've had my fair share of sharing things- birthdays, bedrooms, toys, even friends. However, he (I'm a she) is my fraternal twin. Meaning we don't look a lot alike and aside from things and days, we don't share any of the same physical attributes. Hailey and Clara are also twins, they do look a lot alike (aside from the fact that Hailey has dyed her hair hot pink). They also happen to share more than a birthday and a bedroom. They share a spinal column. Hailey and Clara are conjoined twins.

Image result for gemini by sonya mukherjeeThe girls are in their senior year of high school in the small town of Bear Pass. Here most of the people are use to seeing the girls, who are conjoined back to back (or butt to butt as they put it). Daily life is routine and as normal as it gets for the girls. They may not physically be able to play on a sports team, but they (secretly) have a love for astronomy and the arts. Everything is thrown upside down when a new senior boy moves to Bear Pass. It's someone that has never seen the girls before. How will he react? With his reaction comes a new turn in the girls' lives, one that may just split them apart.

Gemini is a great coming to terms books for all readers (the characters are seniors in high school and speak heavily of college, this may make the book more relatable for older teens). The characters are strong and smart (how could you not be?). There real sides and feelings are also shown from each point of view as the chapters switch between the girls. They battle every day high situations such as applying for colleges and dealing with the opposite sex, while managing to be individuals. Individuals that happen to always be with each other. I love the characters personalities and how they manage their lives. Mukherjee does a fantastic job at not only describing big things, like a Sadie Hawkins Dance, but how the girls manage little things like setting the table as well. Gemini is a fantastic, fast pace read that is located on our new shelf. Check it out today! Let us know what you think!


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