Friday, October 14, 2016

Great New Halloween Movies in Teen

There's no doubting that Halloween Movies are awesome (especially this time of year). To get your fix, look no further than the "New" section of the Teen DVD shelf. Just in are these Spooky favorites:

Hocus Pocus: How much trouble can three ancient witches cause in modern times? A whole lot, apparently! And this is the plot of this classic film: When the Sanderson sisters were hanged for practicing witchcraft 300 years ago, the residents of Salem thought they'd seen the last of the crafty trio. But they were wrong! Flash forward to modern day (well, 1993, anyway) when Max, the new kid in town, accidently resurrects the witches. On Halloween, of all days. Oops! The witches have until sunrise to capture a child, the final ingredient to complete their immortality spell. And they've got their sights on Max's little sister. With the help of his crush and a very unusual cat, Max must stop the sisters before they can put their plan into action!

The Watcher in the Woods: When Jan and Ellie's family begins renting the old English mannor house, the sisters instantly sense that something strange about their new home and the surrounding woods. Jan begins seeing the ghostly image of a blindfolded girl, and Ellie hears voices singing and calling to her. What could all this mean? And what does it have to do with the creepy old woman who is their landlord? One thing is certain: Something out there in the woods wants the girls for some strange, and possibly sinister, purpose. Can the sisters solve the mystery before it's too late?

Lady in White: Another creepy classic. When Young Frankie gets locked in his school one Halloween, he sees something terrifying: The ghost of Melissa, a young girl who was murdered several years earlier. Melissa wants Frankie's help in bringing her killer to justice before another child dies (because the guy is still out there), but can Frankie solve this crime before he, himself, becomes the killer's next victim? 


p.s. Check out this great article from School Library Journal for more movies.

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