Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Book Jumper, by Mechthild Glaser

What if you had the ability to enter your favorite books (yes, literally) and interact with the characters there? This is a talent possessed by Amy Lennox, heroine of Mechthild Glaser's new novel The Book Jumper

Amy and her mother each have their own reasons for fleeing Germany for the desolate Scottish island of Stormsay, home to the grand mansion of Lennox House and their ancestors. Here, Amy's grandmother only has one demand: During their stay, Amy WILL read. Already a bookworm, Amy feels this is a particularly strange request (and she's a bit bugged by this near-stranger demanding anything of her--even something she'd probably do anyway). But there is a reason: Amy has inherited an unusual talent, one that's passed through the Lennox family for generations.

Amy is a Book Jumper

This means she can enter any story she wishes and interact with the characters. The one rule is she must remain "in the margins," undetected by any regular reader who might pick up the book while she's inside the story. How awesome is this! Amy certainly thinks so. 

Until something terrible happens: Someone, a rogue book jumper, begins stealing story ideas, thus destroying the stories. When an iconic character is murdered, Amy knows she must do something to save the world of literature (as we know it). So she joins forces with fellow Book Jumper, Will. But will the teens be able to stop the thief and restore the stories to their former glory?

Read The Book Jumper to find out.

Throughout the history of YA literature, there have been several books about people who can enter stories (Inkhart, The Neverending Story). I'm happy to say The Book Jumper handled this been there/done that concept very well and even put a unique spin it. I definitely recommend it. --AJB

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