Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman (review by Guest Blogger Ciaran Grabowski)

The Golden Compass was a great adventure story that had slight hints of mystery. The story follows a young girl named Lyra who lives in a different world. The world she lives in is very similar to the world we live in, but also very different. In Lyra's world, every person has what is referred to as a 'deamon.' A Deamon is like the extension of a human's soul that takes the shape of an animal. Some of the antagonists in this story are a group of people called the gobblers. They take children off the streets and they are never seen again. Filled with deamons, talking ice bears, and witches, this book definitely lives up to the role of fantasy-adventure. 

This book is enjoyable for anyone 10 and beyond. This book also cannot be compared with the movie, for it is not very similar.

Review by Ciaran Grabowski, age 13.

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