Saturday, June 3, 2017

Confessions of a High School Disaster, Emma Chastain

Chloe Snow's story was told through a entry in her diary everyday - it all begins just before freshman year of high school, Chloe Snow has high hopes, new year new school, she has expectations to live up to one of which is to have her first kiss - and since everybody else has and already on second base, she feels she need to have it by New Year's Eve. Along the way she meets the heartfelt Tristan, her best friend and not so nice people as well. Her freshman year takes her on a journey of self discovery, facing new challenges and also exceeding her own expectations but at the end of the day she realizes it's about being herself.

Chloe Snow reminds me a bit of me - I think we all have those thoughts about boys, friendships, school life at that age. Chloe isn't a stranger to making bad decisions, and she messes up a lot which you will get annoyed at, but it's her quirks and redeeming qualities that make her who she is. What I loved was that aside from the funny, the cringe and the constant smile you display on your face when you are reading, it also focused lightly on the serious of your teenage years too.

I hope we see Chloe Snow a lot more - I would love to go through her sophomore and senior years and see what other trouble and cringe worthy moments she gets into. Confessions of a High School Disaster is ingeniously funny and every teen girl should read it! *JK*

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