Thursday, June 15, 2017

Plutona, by Jeff Lemire, Emi Lenox & Jordie Bellaire

And speaking of non-traditional Superhero stories: Plutona

In this dark and twisted tale by the team of Lemire, Lenox & Bellaire, five misfit teens, each one dealing with their own personal issues, stumble across the body of local Superhero Plutona while exploring a local wooded area. Plutona is most definitely dead, having lost a battle with the diabolical super-villain, The White Wasp. Worried about the consequences should word get out that their city's resident superhero is no more, the teens promise to keep quiet. They will sneak back later that night, bury the fallen superhero, and then decide what to do.

Except one of them has other plans for Plutona. And it's pretty creepy!

Alternating between how each of the teens is coping with this terrible secret and Plutona's final moments, this is not so much a superhero story, but one about the dark side of human nature and just how far one desperate teen will go to acheive unlimited cosmic power.

I initially picked up Plutona because I heard it described as a modern-day Stand By Me, a movie I loved from my childhood (SBM Plot: Four teens run away from home to find the body of a local boy who was supposedly hit by a train). And it did remind me a bit of the film. Except Plutona was even darker and more disturbing. And it was awesome. The character development, the plot twists...everything. It was awesome. 

I wouldn't recommend Plutona for younger teens or someone looking for a light read, but this one will definitely have its audience! --AJB

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