Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Weight of Feathers, by Anna-Marie McLemore

I adored Anna-Marie McLemore's award-winning novel When The Moon Was Ours, so when The Weight of Feathers hit our New Book shelf, I scooped it up instantly. And I was not disappointed. This story is gorgeous!

This is a Romeo and Julietesque story about the Palomas and Corbeaus, two traveling families who put on shows that are downright magical: The Paloma's mermaid shows are famous throughout the land, and the Corbeaus don goregeous winged costumes and perform astounding stunts among the treetops. The fued between these two families goes back generations and has become something of a legend in and of itself. Lies, rumors, and cruel pranks abound, making things worse. Things finally come to a head when the two families find themselves in the same town at the same time:

During a catastrophic accident in the middle of a performance, Cluck Corbeau saves the life of Lace Paloma, not realizing who she is. Not wanting to owe her rival anything, Lace disguises herself as a local and crosses the line into enemy camp, planning to work off any debt feels she owes...and gets pulled into the world of the Corbeaus. Over the next several days, Lace and Cluck form a tentative friendship that blossoms into love. Even after Cluck learns Lace's true identity. 

Together the teens delve into their familys' pasts and learn the secrets and lies go deeper than either of them ever suspected. Incluing one especially dark secret that could unite the two families--or drive them even further apart.

Can love survive family drama? 

I loved The Weight of Feathers just as much as When The Moon Was Ours. McLemore's writing is lyrical and the worlds she paints with them are magical and beautiful. I was sorry to have to leave Lace and Cluck's world. But there is hope: There's a new novel by this author due out this month, and you can bet I will be first in line to read it (or as near to first as I can get). --AJB

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