Friday, July 15, 2011

Chiller Alert!

Author Rachel Klein delivers a deliciously spooky read with her debut novel, The Moth Diaries. Set in the late 1960s at an exclusive all-girl's boarding school and told through diary entries of an anonomyous narrator, The Moth Diaries is a startling snapshot of a young teen's slow descent into madness. When the narrator returns to Brangwyn School in the fall, she discovers her best friend Lucy has befriended mysterious new girl Ernessa. Overcome with jealousy, the narrator convinces herself Ernessa is a vampire who is sucking the life out of her former best friend. She feels her suspicions are confirmed when Lucy becomes strangely ill. Add to this the deaths of two other students who had encounters with Ernessa. As the year progresses, the diary entries become more obsessive and more twisted until not even the reader is certain of what is real and what is imagined. Is Ernessa really a vampire? Or is she just a regular girl whose image has been twisted by a highly-disturbed young lady? Read it and decide for yourself. --AJL

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