Saturday, July 2, 2011

New @ OPL Teen

Fans of Shiver will want to check out The Gathering, the first book in Kelley Armstrong's exciting new trilogy. Something strange is happening in Maya's tight-knit Canadian community of Salmon Creek. Her best friend, a champion swimmer, mysteriously drowns. And now bodies are turining up in the woods. The authorities claim these deaths are nothing to worry about, attributing them to accidents or cougar attacks. But there's a lot more to it. Shortly after she turns 16, Maya learns she is a Skin-Walker, an ancient race of shapeshifters once believed extinct. Now Skin-Walkers are back thanks to a top-secret genetic experiment. But something is going wrong with the teens whose Skin-Walker gene was awakened: They are losing control of their ability to shift, reverting back to their wild animal nature. With the help of Rafe, a sexy new boy who shares this secret, Maya begins to learn the truth about her past. But can Rafe be trusted? What other secrets are being hidden from her? As a wildfire blazes dangerously close to Salmon Creek and the time of her first shift draws near, Maya must decide what to do before it's too late. --AJL

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