Monday, July 11, 2011

Incredible Read!

Briony keeps a terrible secret buried beneath a facade of self-loathing. Briony believes she is a witch and that her uncontrolled powers killed her Stepmother, destroyed her twin sister Rose's mind, and ravaged her home. Stepmother said as much right before she died. Keeping such a secret causes Briony great personal pain, but there's no one she can even talk to because, in her village on the edge of the swamp, witches are hanged until dead. Then Eldric comes to stay with her family, and everything changes for Briony. Suddenly, she longs to open her heart to someone for the first time. As it turns out Briony does have incredible powers at her disposal, but those powers don't necessarily mean she's a witch. Or do they? Someone else knows the whole truth about Briony, but will they confess what they know before it's too late? Chime is part romance, part mystery, and part suspenseful adventure. Unique language, vivid imagry, and, of course, magic make this one impossible to put down. Also, check out the audio version. --AJL

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