Monday, July 18, 2011

Dystopian Fantasy is a Dream Come True

In Laura's world, people don't create their own individual dreams. Rather, they are told what to dream by an elite group called Dreamhunters. Only a Dreamhunter possess the unique ability to enter The Place, a desolate shadow dimension boarding the real world where various dreams (both pleasant and disturbing) are collected. These dreams are then shared with the general public at The Rainbow Opera, a huge sleeping center at the heart of the city. Now Laura has been chosen as a Dreamhunter and will soon have her chance to collect and perform a dream. But when her father vanishes mysteriously, Laura suspects foul play. She ventures alone into The Place to find him. There, she discovers the government's dream regulatory body has been using dreams to control the general public, lull them into a false sense of security, and cover up some serious wrongs. Laura knows exactly how she can expose these lies. But will she risk it? The first book in Elizabeth Knox's Dreamhunter Duet is exciting and exceptionally unique. Readers will be swept into Laura's world and not want to leave. And luckily, they won't have to just yet. For more of Laura's adventures, check out the sequel, Dreamquake. --AJL

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