Friday, April 27, 2012

All In the Family

When Anya Balanchine's evil ex nearly dies after eating poisoned chocolate, Anya is the first person authorities suspect. After all, she is the daughter of the city's most notorious crime boss. And if they can't get her for attempted murder, they can arrest her for being in possession of chocolate, a substance that's illegal in this futuristic dystopia. Worse, she's falling for the son of the cop assigned to her case.

Although this book may sound like a light-hearted spoof on the numerous dystopian books that have been flooding the market since the mass popularization of The Hunger Games (Chocolate illegal? Really?!? LOL), it's not. Set in a broken and deadly dangerous New York City of the near future, this is a dark tale of one teen's struggle to track down a would-be killer, care for her broken family, and mend her own damaged reputation.  --AJL

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