Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shopping is Heaven. Really!

After getting knocked unconscious by a rogue dodgeball, Tessa, 16, wakes up in her town's Mall. But this is really an in-between place, a place between the living world and the afterlife. Here, Tessa relives her life from birth to present day, experiencing both happy memories and those she'd like to forget. Will she find the answer to the ultimate question?

Written in verse, Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall isn't as lighthearted as the title may imply. Rather, it is in-depth look into the meaning of a teen's life and who she really is (not just who she wishes she was or how she tries to present herself to the world). What would you do in Tessa's situation? Would you be able to accept yourself as you really are? --AJL

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