Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Family Values

After being expelled from boarding school, Cyd Charisse is back home in San Francisco with her doting stepfather, high-maintenance mother, and spoiled younger siblings. As punishment, Cyd is forced into community service where she befriends an elderly woman and meets the love of her life. But all is not well. When Cyd's rebellious nature gets her into trouble once more, she flees the west cost in favor of spending the summer with her estranged father's family, whom she's never met, in New York City. She believes the grass must be greener there (like, for sure!). But reality doesn't exactly match Cyd's daydreams of an idyllic family waiting for her on the east cost. But maybe she's not what they imagined either.

Gingerbread is the first in a great trilogy about growing up, learning from past mistakes, the meaning of family, and a romanticized belief in True Love. Characters are realistic and likable, although sometimes you'll wonder what Cyd sees in her pint-sized surfer boy love interest. And if you like this one, there are two more books in this charming trilogy: Shrimp and Cupcake. --AJL

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