Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beyond Adventure

Twig always felt out of place among his Woodtroll clan. Then one cold night, he learns why this is so: His Woodtroll mother found him as a baby and, although she raised him and loved him as her own, he's not a Woodtroll. Thus, Twig leaves his village to seek his destiny, which he believes lies somewhere Beyond the Deepwoods. His mother's parting words warn him to stay on the path to ensure he will arrive safely at his destination. If only Twig had listened... Along the way, Twig encounters many strange creatures, some friendly, some deadly. Always he lives in fear of the dreaded Gloamglozer, the Deepwoods boogyman said to be the embodiment of one's worst fears. Finally, Twig discovers the truth about himself and learns where he is meant to be. And it's the last place he expected.

The first volume in Paul Stewart's Edge Chronicles is exciting, imaginative, and impossible to put down. The audio version, read by Clive Mantel, is awesome. However, with the audio you won't get Chris Riddell's creative illustrations (which really enhance the story). Still, an amazing book all around. --AJL

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