Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Teen Reviewer

Teen Reviewer Tori Spring, 14, read and enjoyed The Hallowed Ones, by Laura Bickle. She picked the book because of its cover, but ended up being drawn into the story within its pages. Here is her review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was extremely well-written and, though somewhat graphic, it was still really fun to read. At no point did I feel not connected to the book. And the main character, Katie, was really easy to relate to. She had a rebellious streak that most teenagers also have, and the author described her romance with Alex, the outsider she helped against the other Amish people's wishes. I felt as though I was falling for Alex with Katie. I do wish there was a little more character development, but I LOVE the way that he knew a lot of the Greek and Egyptian myths.This added a lot of depth to Alex and made him very interesting. I also loved how the author made the romance slow and across a long time, not 3 days. It also summarized the Amish life. It would have been boring if they weren't Amish, so it was great. Overall, this was an amazing book.

Tori suggests this book for other teens ages 13-15. And she would definitely recommend it to someone else.

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