Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ever want to do something drastic to escape your life? After nearly a year, Bria's mentally abusive boyfriend dumps her (without warning) to attend art school on the other side of the country, leaving Bria broken-hearted, mentally wounded, and with her own college plans in ruins. Desperate for a change of scene, Bria spontaneously signs up for a Central American tour group--only to discover it's not nearly as much of an escape as she'd hoped. Then Bria encounters the handsome and mysterious Rowan. Throwing caution to the wind for the first time in her sheltered, good-girl life, Bria leaves the tour group to travel with this fascinating, free-spirited boy, who seems to embody everything Bria wishes she could be. Their destination is the famed Laughing Bird Island, where Rowan supposedly has a job set up to teach scuba. As they travel across Central America, Bria heals from past wounds and begins to get her head together. She and Rowan (who also has his dark secrets) begin to trust each other and become friends...and maybe there's a possibility of romance. Or maybe not. Whatever happens next, it will be Bria's adventure of a lifetime. Something she'll always remember.
Wanderlove is one of those coming-of-age books that's so well done, you can't help but rave about it again and again. Bria's character does a tremendous amount of growing up throughout the story, transforming from a sheltered and mopey teen into a young woman who's got it together--or at least well on her way to getting it together. Her relationship with Rowan is interesting in that it's REAL. None of that insta-love stuff that so often crops up in books. That's very refreshing. Also, there are no vampires, werewolves, zombies, faries, trolls, wizards, or angels anywhere to be seen. Also very refreshing. Just a girl's journey of self-discovery and healing set against an exotic, tropical backdrop. So if you're looking for a beach book with a bit more depth than your typical chick lit, Wanderlove is for you. Awesome and highly recommended! --AJB

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