Friday, August 16, 2013

Book of the Day

Stop by the Teen Area and check out our newest feature: The Teen Book of the Day! 

You'll find this prominently displayed on top of the New Book Shelves. Unlike our other displays, which stay in place for a month or more, the Teen Book of the Day is a way for us to spotlight a large number of books in a very short time: One book for each 24-hour period. Sometimes they'll be new books, other times they'll be books we've had in the collection for a while. Sometimes they'll be popular books, other times they'll be what we like to call "hidden treasures." Fantasy, realistic, sci-fi, dystopian, horror, graphic novels, classics, audio books, pretty covers, plain covers... All are possibilities. As long as we've read and liked a book, it has the potential to be featured as a Teen Book of the Day.

But this shouldn't just be a staff choice. We want the help of you, our patrons and blog followers! Let us know about YOUR favorite books and why you love them, and we'll consider them for a Teen Book of the Day.--AJB

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