Thursday, August 15, 2013

Waiting for John Green? Check This Out!

YA Author John Green is...well, he's made of awesome! Ask any teen. Or anyone even remotely familiar with the YA genre, for that matter. Chances are they've read (and loved) at least one of John Green's books. And, unlike many hyped-up things, these books deserve every iota of raving they get! Yeah, they're that good!


The good news is Oxford Public Library owns every book John Green has ever written--in both print and audio and downloadable formats. The bad news is these books so popular they're hardly ever checked in--and the wait list for them is likely longer than the one for the most recent book-to-movie adaption book. Bummer, huh? 

Not really.

We at the Teen Department sincerely sympathize with your jonsing for John Green Books. That's why we've created an entire display devoted to John Green read-alikes for you to read while you wait. While these titles may not have been penned by John Green, they're worth reading...and will satisfy your John Green craving until your holds come in. 

So stop by the Teen Area and check out this display! We promise you'll find something awesome here!

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