Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Teen Reviewer

Teen reviewer Olivia, 14, read Shooting Stars, by Allison Rushby. Although she was mildly entertained by this romance, she felt the book was missing its target audience.

"First thing I have to say is I 100% would have enjoyed this book more if I'd been younger. So this review is a little biased because of the fact that I'm older. In Shooting Stars, sixteen year old ZoJo goes undercover for a paparazzi gig in a rehab center to take photos of celebrity Ned Hartnett, who she's in love with. Having the main character be 16 in a book meant for a 12 year old was a bad idea. When I read a book, I want to be able to relate to the characters, and 12 year olds will not relate to a 16 year old main character.  The author made Jo (act) way too old in some areas of the book and way to young in others. She never felt like a real 16 year old. Rushby had some witty, sarcastic, laugh out loud material in the book even I enjoyed. But besides that, there was nothing in the book to amuse or touch me. No character development:( However, I must say if I was 12, I would probably have loved this book. The idea is original with some very interesting concepts and morals/perspectives, which I did enjoy learning about.".

Although Olivia probably wouldn't recommend this to her friends or peers, she might give it to a younger tween.

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