Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Staff Reviewer

OPL's Adult Services Head, Sandy Gilmore, took a moment from her busy schedule to write a review of an adult area book she thought teens might like:

The "Age of Miracles" by Karen Thompson Walker is the August Adult Book Discussion selection, but I think this is a book that teens would enjoy. In "Age of Miracles," the earth's rotation is slowing, causing changes in time, weather, and gravity. Julia, a middle-school student, must deal with all the issues a young teen has to deal with while also coping with major changes in the world around her. This book reminds me of "Life As We Knew It," by Susan Beth Pfeffer, a 2006 teen pick.--Sandy Gilmore, guest reviewer.

In light of our recent Zombie Apocalypse/Disaster Prepardness-themed lock-in, the Teen Area is this month spotlighting similar books about surviving global (or at least widespread) natural disasters (& zombie invasions). While browsing the books on this display, be sure to pick up some literature on how to survive such incidents if they really happen--'cause, really, you never really know. 

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