Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monstrous Mystery

Fantastical creatures, a deadly curse, a mysterious haunting, a forbidden romance...all are part of Elizabeth Fama's fantasy thriller, Monstrous Beauty

Unlike other girls her age, Hester Goodwin is forbidden to fall in love. Because love (specifically, having a child) has always resulted in death for the women in her family. Fearing the same fate, Hester keeps her distance from all boys...until the stormy night she meets Ezra on the beach. Despite the strange circumstances surrounding their meeting, Hester finds she can's stay away from this odd, yet intriguing boy. Soon, Hester finds herself drawn deep into a mystery that's plagued her coastal town for nearly two centuries. A mystery involving mermaids, hauntings, and revenge from beyond the grave. If Hester unravels this mystery, she just might get to the root of the curse that's plagued the women in her family. 

Despite the popularity of John Green and writers like him, the Paranormal Romance genre is still huge. That is, storied about love between a human and a vampire/werewolf/zombie/ghost/whatever. On the surface Monstrous Beauty sounds like it would fall in with the rest of those books, but it really doesn't so much. True that there is romance and there are mythical creatures, those elements really take a backseat to the mystery of Hester's family curse. But everything works together to create a unique and awesome story. --AJB

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