Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Re-Issues of Old Favorites

When I was a teen, the Big Three writers in teen fiction were Christopher Pike, Caroline B. Cooney, and L.J. Smith. Sound familiar? No, you're not stuck in a time warp. Recently, to cash in on the popularity of the paranormal genre, these authors have re-released many of their older books (many of which were published in the 1980s and 1990s). Sometimes these stories have been "updated" to include things like cell phones and email. Other times they're re-released in their original form. Either way, they're awesome!

Long before Bella met Edward, there was L.J. Smith's Vampire DiariesThe four-book series is about Elana and the two vampire brothers who are at war over her. Originally published in the late 1990s and re-released for a new audience, the series now boasts several spinoff books and even a TV series. Another Smith re-release? The Nightworld saga (1996-1998), repackaged for you, the teens of today.

The first book in Christopher Pike's Remember Me trilogy was originally published in 1989. In it, ghosts Shari and Peter team up to solve Shari's murder... and fall in love in the process. Although the book works best as a stand-alone, Pike chose to continue Shari and Peter's story over two more books (1994, 1999). The trilogy was re-released in 2010 as an all-in-one volume. Also by Pike is the Thirst series. Originally published as the six-book The Last Vampire series (1994-1996), the series has been re-released and expanded upon. All the better to be enjoyed by new audiences.

And speaking of vampires, lets look at Caroline B. Cooney's Vampire's Promise trilogy. (early 1990s). Although best known for The Face on the Milk Carton, Cooney was no stranger to the even darker side of YA books, exploring evil boarding schools and, yes, vampires. But not romantic, crushworthy vampires who glitter in the sun and pamper their mortal girlfriends. No...these vampires were every bit as dangerous and scary as any other nightmarish monster. In the Vampire's Promise trilogy (re-released 2011), three unfortunate teens encounter a vampire in a creepy old house. He offers to grant them their heart's desire...for a terrible price.

Stop by the Teen area and check out one of these new old-school books. --AJB

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