Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Simon's Cat and Beyond

Simon's Cat. By now, you've probably all seen the hilarious YouTube cartoons of that cat who is always demanding food of his harried, hapless owner. And if you haven't, you need to check it out right now!

Well, now this internet phenomenon has two new books, both of which you'll find on the graphic novel section of our "New Books" shelf. These are: Simon's Cat Kitten Chaos and Simon's Cat vs. The World. In these hilarious volumes the famous feline has all sorts of adventures, from taunting the local wildlife to tormenting the new kitten. And always, always demanding more food. And don't forget the original Simon's Cat book, which is located on our Graphic Novel shelf

Although thick, these books are all text-free and make for quick reads. The simple, yet expressive, artwork is packed with humorous observations about feline life--sometimes realistic, sometimes fantastical. All are sure to have you laughing, whether you're a cat owner, cat appreciator, or just a fan of humor.

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