Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unraveling Isobel

It's bad enough Isobel's widowed mother remarries so soon after her father's death. But now Isobel has to leave her friends and her entire life behind and move into her new stepfather's creepy island mansion. Oh yeah, and did we mention her new stepbrother is a jerk? All those problems seem small when Isobel begins to be haunted the ghost of a young girl shortly after arriving at her new home. Gossip on the streets hints that the recent drownings of her stepfather's first wife and young daughter may not have been accidental. Curious, Isobel probes deeper into these mysteries--and uncovers evidence linking these deaths to her stepfather! Is Isobel onto the truth or is she really as crazy as her stepfather would have everyone believe? (after all, her father was crazy...and everyone knows mental illness can be hereditary) Worse, is she the next victim?
Unraveling Isobel is a nicely creepy story and an entertaining mystery. There's even a touch of romance. A great choice for Halloween Reading. --AJB

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