Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Teen Review: The Host, by Stephanie Meyer

Teen Reviewer Ling Xiong, 14, discovered Stephanie Meyer's The Host through a library booklist and ended up loving it. This dystopian adventure, a departure from the vampire books, centers on an alien parasite determined to take control of the body and mind of Melanie, a human woman, so she can help her race take over Earth. But Melanie isn't willing to give up without a fight...and the parasite learns humans are nothing like she suspected.

"The Host is an amazing book that deserves more credit. The feelings were easy to understand and had some deep meaning, and the love story is epic and heart-warming. There are moments where you shed a tear or two. People are biased over this book because of the movie and the author's other 'cliche' books" --Ling Xiong

Ling recommends The Host for ages 13 and up.

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