Thursday, July 24, 2014

Teen Review: Wizardology

Ciaran Grabowski, 11, read and loved Wizardology, a part of the 'Ology' series that is, you guessed it, all about magic, spells, and, of course, Wizards. In this entertaining volume, readers are invited to become apprentices to the Great Merlin himself. They learn how to make a wand, tell the future with a pack of cards, identify magical creatures, and much more. 

Ciaran thought this book was great!

"The book Wizardology is good for people who are interested in wizards and magic. It explains things about Merlin and his secrets." --Ciaran Grabowski.

Wizardology is recommended for teens age 14 and younger. Other books in the Ology series include Dragonology, Egyptology, and Pirateology

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