Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Teen Review: Keturah and Lord Death

It's always great discovering a fantastic book that's NOT something seemingly every single person has read or is reading. Teen reviewer Tabitha, 14, discovered this sort of hidden gem in Martine Leavitt's gorgeous romance Keturah and Lord Death.

In this story, which was a National Book Award finalist, Keturah becomes hopelessly lost in the forest. Near death, she meets a handsome stranger who turns out to be Death himself, come to collect her for his own. But Death takes pity on Keturah, giving her a day to find her true love. If she is successful, she may go free. If not, she must come with him. Keturah eagerly embarks on this quest, assisting other relationships along the way. But as her time runs out she realizes that she'd already found her true love and has no need to look further.

"This book was very good and had a solid plot. It was well-written and makes me wish it would become a movie even though the movie couldn't possibly be half as good as the book because of how great it is."

Tabitha recommends Keturah and Lord Death for all ages. She is happy this book was suggested to her.

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