Monday, July 21, 2014

We Are The Goldens, by Dana Reinhardt

Layla has a secret: She's in love. But she can't tell anyone. Not her best friends. Certainly not her parents. Not even her younger sister, Nell, who idolizes her and with whom she's closer to than anyone else in the world. They wouldn't understand. Because this is not just the average high school relationship. Layla is in love with one of her teachers--and he feels the same way (apparently) about her. She's been sneaking out to be with him, lying about where she's been, ignoring her friends, and making excuses to get out of plans (so she can be with him). 

And Nell is the only one who suspects something is wrong. She just doesn't know what. Of course there are the rumors (there are always rumors about this particular teacher), but she doesn't start to believe they might be true until she investigates...

...and what she finds is shocking even beyond what she suspected.

Told from Nell's point of view in an open narrative addressed toward Layla, We Are The Goldens, by Dana Reinhardt is nonstop action. No, not the car chases and explosions type of action, but the dramatic sort that keeps you turning pages. Readers discover along with Nell the mystery of what's wrong with Layla, they learn how she feels moment-to-moment, and share the shock of her final discovery, the one that may finally push her to break her silence.

An awesome book! Read it! --AJB

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