Friday, July 15, 2016

Lumberjanes v. 4: Out of Time

Having just come off their last adventure where they discovered the truth (maybe) behind the old abandoned outhouse, the Lumberjanes are ready to relax with an old scouting tradition: Camping in the wilderness. 





That's right. Without any talking foxes, zombies, angry gods, shapeshifters, or monsters in general to distract them from the wholesomeness of S'mores. 

Then... All of a sudden a giant blizzard blows in and blankets the camp in several feet of snow. A blizzard. In the middle of summer. A little snow wouldn't be so bad if that's all it was, but just when things seem weird... Guess what? Yep. They get weirder. A pack of giant antlered wolf monsters appear ominously, fangs dripping and eyes glowing. The girls flee, of course. Soon the Janes are rescued by Camp Director Rosie, but not before they are separated from their counselor Jen. 

Disobeing orders (of course!) the girls, now dressed in winter gear and joined by Scouting Lad Barney (and his adorable kitten Marigold), embark on a mission to rescue Jen. No time for tea and kittens for these girls (and boy).

Jen, meanwhile, has been rescued by Abigail, a mysterious taxedermist with a vendetta against all the monsters that live in the woods. Actually, one monster in particular. The most dangerous one of all. The one she blames for ruining her life. The one that, if provoked, could easily destroy the camp (and probably the world) in a fit of blind, snarling rage.

Will the girls rescue Jen, put an end to the mysterious winter, and save make the camp safe for all scouts again?

Who is Abigail and why is she so angry? 

...And what is her relationship to Rosie and the Bear Woman?

What exactly DOES it mean to be a Lumberjane?

Who is Jo...really?

What OTHER secrets have yet to be discovered?

Volume 4 of The Lumberjanes: Out of Time answers some questions, but causes other, even greater mysteries to arise. This story continues to be nonstop action and awesomeness. I simply adore the adventure and the characters and everything about this series. And when the next issue comes out in December, I assure you that I WILL dive happily down that rabbit hole, because I can't wait to find out what happens next. --AJB

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