Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Little Pony: Friends Forever v. 1

Having just come off of finishing Lumberjanes #4, and knowing it's at least another month until the next Jem and the Holograms is available, I found myself in desperate need of an uber-adorable, uber-fun, and uber-colorful graphic novel to read. I thought I was out of luck. That I'd just have to suffer through this particular book craving and, maybe, I'd eventually forget about Ripley and Mel and Jo and Kimber and Stormer and Pizazz and all my favorite characters. 


What's a librarian in need of a good book to do?

Then fate smiled upon the OPL Teen Area and My Little Pony Friends Forever, V. 1 crossed my desk. And I thought: "Hmmmm... Well, it's something. It'll get me by." Right?

Even better than just mearly "something to get me through" until the next issue of Lumberjanes or Jem (or even Giant Days or Archie), My Little Pony Friends Forever turned out to be exactly the thing my literary palate was craving! Exactly!

Here we have cute. 

We have color. 

We have fun. 

We have friendship to the max (wait...wrong series).

We have the sort of weird humor I like! Btw: loved the pop-culture references to old-school Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pinkie and the Brain (Anyone remember Pinkie and the Brain? Anyone? Bueller?), and The B-52s (the band, not the aircraft). To name a few...

This first volume contains four pony adventures, each one as cute and fun and colorful as the next. But my favorite was Cutie Mark Crusaders & Discord. It's a completely spazzed-out explosion of action and randomness, but wraps up nicely (Let's do the "Super Feel-Good After School Special" ending).  The story about the library ghost was a pretty close second.

Squee! It's too cute!

I think that, maybe, I just might have found my next thing. Or, more accurately, something else to add to my list of "things." Even better, two more collections await me after I return this one to the New Book shelf.

I'm so glad I tried something new. --AJB

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