Friday, February 16, 2018

Geostorm (DVD)

Craving a really awesome action movie, I picked up Geostorm. From the synopsis on the back of the case, it sounded like it would be a truly EPIC cinematic experience. Extreme special effects, lots and LOTS of action, and a creepy plot that could (maybe) totally happen...especially since Snowpocalypse was raging just outside.

The reality was sub-par acting, seemingly-important plot points that were brought up and then dropped, and special effects that were so gratuitous they cycled back to B-movie cheesy. We're talking Mystery Science Theater laughable, people (the wall of It almost felt like the CGI team was bored and wanted to make the film as ridiculous as possible. Also, my Scooby Senses totally picked out the villain about 15 minutes into the film. So predictable.

Plus, there was something oddly familiar about the overall plot. Both hubby and I picked up on it. The post-movie conversation went something like this:

"So...remember that movie from the 90s with the asteroid and the actress from Lord of the Rings?" 

"Where they had to land rockets on the asteroid and blow it up?"

"Yeah...that one."

"Armageddon, I think... Yeah, Armageddon."

"Well... This was that movie. They changed a few minor things, but it was totally that movie!"


"You're right. It was!"

About the only positive aspect of Geostorm was laughing about it together. And that made the movie kind of awesome, despite its overall awfulness. Hubby and I even concocted our own wishful thinking/hypothetical Mythbusters episode based on the movie: Driving on Lava (can you drive a smart car over a field of molten pavement without your tires melting?), Explosive Lightning (can a single lightning bolt completely annihilate a football stadium-sized building?), High-Speed Backward Car Chase, Outrunning a Tidal Wave--On Foot!... and so on. Much fun came out of watching this film. And because of that, I know I'll remember it for a long time. 

BONUS: The dog actually survives! So yay :)

If you want a movie that's completely over-the-top, that's so bad it's actually good, check out Geostorm. It's absolutely worth seeing if only for having a good (unintentional) chuckle. I recommend it! 


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