Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Forgotten Book, by Mechthild Gläser

Somehow I was interested in reading a fantasy book and this book quickly grabbed my attention. The Forgotten Book was engaging with mysteries that paced the story. From the pages of the magical  book we glimpse its past, present and future. All of which, pieced together, form a story of its own. Every journal entry, despite their jumping timelines, made me feel like I was that much close to getting to the truth. There was no telling what was next but I knew it would be good. 

I loved the originality of the story. The magical book has such a rich history. Learning about its origin and what events it has made true since then was both scary and exciting. The unpredictable nature of the magic made anticipation high. It was super fun to see how the book interpreted the words on its pages. I was flipping fast to see what would come next.

I really liked the cast of characters. Emma was smart and persistent but also a little careless at times. Her friends made up for it - Charlotte was cautious while Hannah was just plain hilarious. There's a small bit of romance which felt very abrupt at first (a confession that came out of nowhere) but later grew on me. In many ways Darcy was misunderstood so it was extra satisfying to see the two work out their differences and get together.

All in all, The Forgotten Book was a delightful read. The story was original, the mysteries held me rapt and the ending was beautifully wrapped up. So if you like storybook adventures, definitely give author Mechthild Glaser's book a go! *JK*

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