Monday, February 5, 2018

It Should Have Been You, by Lynn Slaughter

Having just re-read We Were Liars (an excellent twisty mystery by E. Lockhart), I was in the mood for something with equal page-turning potential. So I picked up Lynn Slaughter's new novel, It Should Have Been You. And I was not disappointed. This thrilling story was everything I hoped. 

Clara, a shy teen who moonlights as the advice columnist for her school's paper, has not been having a good semester. Her popular twin sister Moura was mysteriously murdered only months earlier. And many people suspect Clara did it--including her classmates and the detective in charge of investigating the case. And maybe she did. After all, Clara was supposedly the only one home when Moura met her untimely demise. Nothing can be proven, though. And Clara insists on her own innocence.

Then Clara begins receiving threatening emails, hinting that the wrong twin was killed and that Clara could be next. Are these cryptic messages from the killer himself (or herself)? Or are they simply a sick joke from one of the many classmates who blames Clara for Moura's death? When not even the local authorities will take the threats seriously, Clara takes the mystery into her own hands. But is she prepared for what she'll discover?

It Should Have Been You is one of those books that hooks you from page one and keeps you up reading long past bedtime. Because you HAVE to find out what happens! (Who needs sleep, right?). If you're looking for an awesome mystery with lots of twists and turns and a surprise ending, this is the book for you! --AJB

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