Monday, August 13, 2012

A Maine Haunting

Master of horror and suspense Stephen King does what he does best with the especially chilling thriller, Bag of Bones. After his wife Jo's sudden death, author Mike Noonan begins to suffer from a particularly vicious writer's block. As the months pass, he becomes more and more convinced the only place he'll be able to write again is at the Maine lake house where he and Jo spent so many happy summers. But once there, Mike becomes involved with Maddie, a young widow who is up to her neck in legal trouble. He also learns that the vengeful spirit of a murdered woman haunts the lake, and she won't rest until the sons and daughters of her killers are just as dead as she is. Perhaps lesser known than some of King's other books, Bag of Bones is still very much a worthwhile read. More creepy than it is gory, this is one to read with the lights on! --AJB

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