Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Opposites Attract? Maybe Not...

High schooler Sam likes nothing better than to party with his friends and listen to lots of heavy metal music--played at top volume. Sure Sam and his buddies sometimes cut classes and engage in other activities they probably shouldn't at their age. But that's OK with Sam. Until he meets and falls for Melissa, a "straightedge" preppy girl who doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't swear, and can't stand loud music. Especially heavy metal. At first Sam attempts to curb his party guy habits and play down his musical interests to please Melissa. After all, she expects--no, demands--as much from him. But soon neither one is happy. Can these two very different teens work things out? Or will their relationship go the way of 80s Hair Metal/Glam Rock after Grunge took over the music scene in the 1990s?

Heavy Metal and You is a relationship book written by a guy, from the perspective of a guy, with guys as its intended audience. But anyone who has ever tried to do a complete self makeover for a girl (or a guy) will relate to and find humor in this story. The moral? Be yourself. And if said girl (or guy) can't hack it, maybe it's not meant to be. Warning: This is not for younger teens, as there is some mature content and language. --AJB

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