Monday, August 27, 2012

Beastly Summer

Jealousy is a terrible, monsterous thing. That summer, Tessa began to envy everything about her younger sister, Lulu--from Lulu's new shoes to the fact she began dating Tessa's crush. Then Lulu drowns in a freak accident, and Tessa blames herself. For everything: For Lulu's death, for her best friend's crippling accident, for her parents' sorrow... Surely the entire world sees her as a beast. It's how she sees herself. Read her story and decide: How do you see her?

The Year of the Beasts is a unique find. Text tells the story of the chain of events leading up to Lulu's drowning and alternating graphic novel pannels, portraying Tessa as she views herself, detail the aftermath. Not a happy story by any means (actually, parts are quite disturbing). But very worth checking out. --AJB

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