Friday, August 31, 2012

The Other Ones

On the surface, Bridget appears to be an ordinary teenager. And she does all she can to keep things that way and pass undetected through the halls of her school, a place where mean girls and bullies are particularly vicious. But in truth, Bridget has an extraordinary secret: She can speak with animals, read minds, and see creatures and other things invisible to most people. It isn't until the appearance of Althea, a strange and shy new girl, that Bridget is inspired to accept herself--magical abilities and all--for the first time in her life. Because only Bridget has the power to save Althea from the omnious danger that threatens her life. But is Bridget willing to give up her dream of being "normal" to do so? Because if the world found out what Bridget really is, the consequences could be disasterous!

The Other Ones is one of those "hidden treasures" that gets lost on the shelves and overlooked in favor of newer books. But that doesn't mean it's not absolutely fantastic ('cause it is). Gorgeously atmospheric and populated with witches, shapeshifters, spirits, and terrible villains, this one will stay with you a long time after you've finished it. Reminded me a bit of Franny Billingsly's Chime.--AJB

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